Glagolitische Fonts / Glagolitic Fonts: Kirill & Glagol
(Bulgarian or Round Glagolica & Croatian or Square Glagoljica; Glagolica, Глаголица)

Altkirchenslawisch, Altslawisch, Altbulgarisch, Kroatisch
Old Bulgarian, OCS, Old Church Slavonic, Croatian

Kirill and Glagol -- the standard in Academic typesetting for Glagolitic texts. Created by Sebastian Kempgen.

For some background information on Glagolitic type, see separate page.

Cyrillic counterpart is Method.

OS X and Windows: OpenType PostScript (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf).

Unicode version with many variants in alternate font (included) -- see samples.

Educational pricing available when ordering directly from MacCampus.

Mac OS 9: For compatibility with older documents and systems, the non-Unicode version continues to be available directly from MacCampus in PostScript Type 1 and in TrueType (for Mac OS 9 and OS X).

NEW: from Unicode v. 3, these fonts have a basic Latin alphabet that matches the Glagolitic in character design.

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