Legacy Mac Docs • Alte Dokumentationen

Sebastian Kempgen:
MacCampus® Macintosh-Font-Basics

This is a 32-page brochure that was included in printed form with all our fonts during the time they were distributed on physical media (diskettes, later on CD). It was available in either German or English. They are being made available here for archival purposes.
From the cover (below) you can see that the brochures initially targeted users of System 6 and System 7 Mac users.
This font basics brochure was complemented by a documentation that detailed every font category (like Cyrillic fonts, CE fonts etc.) or individual fonts.

Sebastian Kempgen:
MacCampus® Language Fonts Catalogue No. 9

Our font catalogue no. 9, released in 1998, was the last printed version of our catalogue. Afterwards, the web became more important and online distribution took over. Also, Unicode increasingly replaced platform-specific "code-pages" and their fonts (which this catalogue is full of).

You can download the archival version of our catalogue no. 9 here. Please note that whereever possible, the fonts listed in the catalogue are now available in Unicode versions, while others may have been withdrawn from distribution.

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